• The Ferretti Yacht 500 Elite likely features Italian design with sleek and stylish lines, showcasing the brand's commitment to aesthetics and functionality.
  • Construction materials are likely high-quality, with a hull made of fiberglass or other advanced composites for durability and performance.

Manufacturer Provided Description

With its 15,65 metres of length and 5 metres of width, the Ferretti 500 Elite enters the Ferretti Yachts introducing a new concept of yachting. The hull shape with wide windows, giving a lot of inside brightness, is the heritage of the Ferretti 500. The concept offers two double cabins and private bathroom can host four people. This new solution satisfies the needs of the owners who love to spend time on board together with their friends, offering a comfortable solution both for the owner himself and for the guests. The below deck space optimization creates a new area for a linear galley, fully equipped, for living the boat in total comfort together with the friends.