Is the most luxurious and most technologically advanced Riviera ever built.The new 77 Enclosed Flybridge is a serious, long-range offshore vessel with an impeccable blue-water pedigree, and with a level of luxury that genuinely reflects Riviera’s hallmark passion for perfection. 

Manufacturer Provided Description

The safety, comfort and performance of any vessel is contingent on the design and manufacture of the hull, and this is particularly important with large, long-range vessels as they are more likely to encounter big seas and challenging conditions.

The Riviera 77 falls into the serious long-range category (the 9,450 litre/2,496 US gal fuel tank is a testament to this) and we have created a hull that is more than up to the task.

It is a hand-laid structure featuring solid fibreglass below the waterline and a watertight collision bulkhead forward; and the extensive use of lightweight, cored bulkheads and stringers and throughout the hull provide exceptional structural integrity with minimal weight. Issues of durability and access for maintenance have also been carefully considered in this models development.