Are you a boating enthusiast in the UAE looking for the most exciting maritime events of 2023? Look no further! We’ve curated a comprehensive boating calendar that covers everything from luxury yacht shows to traditional dhow festivals. Mark your calendars and set sail for a year of nautical adventures!

January 2023: Dubai International Boat Show

Dates: January 26-29
Kick off the year with the Dubai International Boat Show, a grand spectacle featuring luxury yachts, fishing boats, and marine tech. Don’t miss the live music and family-friendly activities on the shore.

February 2023: Abu Dhabi Traditional Dhow Festival

Dates: February 7-10
Celebrate the UAE’s rich maritime heritage at the Abu Dhabi Traditional Dhow Festival. Witness the craftsmanship of dhow builders and enjoy a sail past featuring these iconic boats.

March 2023: Fujairah International Marine Club Regatta

Dates: March 10-12
Fujairah’s coastline comes alive with a mix of modern and traditional boats. The event also includes fishing competitions and showcases the latest in boating accessories.

April 2023: Ras Al Khaimah Boat & Fishing Show

Dates: April 14-16
Located at the heart of the UAE’s fishing community, this annual show features the best of boating, fishing, and sailing equipment.

May 2023: Sharjah Marine Festival

Dates: May 19-22
This festival is a haven for boat lovers, offering everything from kayaks to multi-million-dollar yachts. It’s also a launch pad for new marine products in the UAE.

June 2023: Ajman Offshore Racing

Dates: June 24-25
Compete or spectate as various classes of boats, including inboard-engined catamarans, vie for the title of the best offshore racer in the UAE.

July 2023: Umm Al Quwain Traditional Boat Race

Dates: July 16
Experience a unique event where traditional boats made from recycled materials race against each other. A true testament to the UAE’s innovative spirit!

August 2023: Al Ain Boat & Fishing Expo

Dates: August 3-6
Explore the latest in fishing gear and boating technology at this comprehensive expo. Ideal for both seasoned sailors and newbies.

September 2023: Dubai Marina Yacht Festival

Dates: September 15-17
Dubai Marina becomes a boating paradise, featuring luxury yachts, jet skis, and the latest in marine tech.

October 2023: National Maritime Safety Week

Dates: TBA
A week dedicated to educating boaters on safety measures, from life jackets to navigation.

November 2023: Abu Dhabi Yacht Show

Dates: TBA
End the year on a high note with this luxurious event that showcases the finest yachts and marine tech from around the world.


The UAE’s maritime calendar for 2023 is packed with events that cater to all kinds of boating enthusiasts. Whether you’re into luxury yachts, traditional dhows, or competitive racing, there’s something for everyone. So, hoist your sails and embark on a nautical journey through the UAE’s most exciting maritime events!