Fishing is a popular pastime in the United Arab Emirates, with both locals and expatriates enjoying the bountiful waters of the Arabian Gulf. However, the harsh marine environment of the region can take a toll on your fishing equipment if not properly maintained. Here are five essential steps to ensure your fishing gear stays in top condition, even in the challenging conditions of the UAE.

  1. Minimize Exposure to Salt Spray: The Arabian Gulf’s salty waters can cause rapid deterioration of your fishing tackle. When in transit or while fishing, consider the storage of your rods and reels. Placing them in rod holders or above the cabin can expose them to salt spray, especially during rough weather. To protect your reels, move them out of the spray or cover each reel with a plastic shower cap while underway.
  2. Separate Storage of Fishing Accessories: After a fishing session, place all lures, hooks, swivels, sinkers, and other terminals into a separate container with a few centimeters of clean freshwater. Avoid returning these items to your tackle boxes or trays until they have been thoroughly washed and completely dried.
  3. Thorough Wash Down: After a day on the Arabian Gulf, it is crucial to wash all your tackle with freshwater. Tighten the drags on each reel to prevent water penetration between the washers, and then lightly spray each outfit with freshwater. Avoid using a powerful jet of water as it can force water, salt, and grit deep into the reel’s innards.
  4. Dry and Lubricate: Allow the rinsed outfits to dry as you finish washing your boat, then wipe them with a soft cloth or towel lightly sprayed with a trusted lubricant. Pay special attention to rod runners and moving parts on reels. Back off all the reel drags before storing the outfits away from direct sunlight.
  5. Regular Maintenance: For those who fish frequently in the UAE, consider having your reels professionally serviced at least once a year. Alternatively, learn how to strip them down and do the maintenance yourself. It is also important to use salt-busting and lubricating products regularly. Products such as Salt-Away and Mako Oil are recommended, but there are plenty of other options available in the market.


Proper maintenance of your fishing gear is essential for a successful fishing experience in the UAE. By following these five steps, you can ensure your equipment stays in optimal condition, ready for your next adventure on the Arabian Gulf.