Purchasing your first tinnie is an exciting milestone for many boaters in the UAE. A brand-new tinnie often comes as a blank canvas, so what enhancements can you make to improve it? Here is a guide to all the gear you should consider before heading out on the UAE waters for the first time.

Safety Gear Safety is paramount when venturing out at sea. New tinnies usually come with a basic safety starter kit, but if you are buying a pre-loved tinnie, inquire about the included safety gear such as oars, life jackets, and a fire extinguisher. Check the expiry date of flares if included. Some boating equipment retailers in the UAE offer a complete safety pack for around AED 750.

Anchor An anchor with an attached rope is essential. If buying a pre-loved tinnie, the anchor and rope usually come with the boat. However, inspect the anchor rope for wear and tear, and ensure the anchor is suitable for the tidal movements in the UAE waters.

Comfort Additions Adding seats can significantly enhance the comfort of a basic tinnie. Bench-style cushions or traditional fisherman’s padded boat seats are good options. More deluxe versions may include side pockets for storing items like fishing pliers and lip grips.

Navigation Lights If you plan to fish at night, port and starboard navigation lights and all-around anchor lights are essential. Kits are available at local tackle or marine supply shops in the UAE. Installation can be done professionally or DIY if you are handy with tools.

Depth Sounder and Fishfinder While optional, a depth sounder and fishfinder can be invaluable for navigating water depths and locating fish in the UAE waters. Entry-level models are available, and pre-loved sounders can also be a cost-effective option.

Additional Accessories Consider adding rod holders, drink holders, bait boards, live bait tanks, and burley buckets. Marine carpet is also a popular addition that enhances the aesthetic of the boat.

Conclusion Equipping your tinnie with the right gear is crucial for a safe and enjoyable boating experience in the UAE. Remember to consider local regulations and conditions before heading out.