Navigating Maritime Regulations: A Closer Look

In the bustling maritime landscape of Dubai, registering your marine craft is as essential as registering a car. Since its establishment in 2007, the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has significantly transformed the emirate’s maritime sector. Offering a range of services for individuals, businesses, and government entities, the DMCA facilitates the acquisition of marine transport registration and driving licenses, shaping policies and safety measures to ensure a safe and efficient maritime environment.

Steps to Register Your Boat in Dubai

Boat registration in Dubai is a process tailored to meet the needs of various marine craft categories. It begins with a visit to the DMCA Happiness Centre or through the DMCA smart portal, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.

Location for Inquiries: Maritime Business Centre, Dubai Maritime City.
Online Portal:
Smart Application: Available for Android and iOS devices

Upon document submission, the registration process proceeds with an online fee payment through the DMCA smart application. Marine crafts are categorized into pleasure water sports, pleasure marine crafts, and commercial marine crafts, each requiring a distinct registration process.

Detailed Breakdown by Craft Category

For Pleasure Water Sport Marine Crafts: Jet skis and speed boats fall into this category, undergoing a two-phase registration. Initially, applicants must provide identification documents, ownership proof, or registration cancellation certificates for previously registered crafts. A technical inspection follows, leading to the second stage where insurance and technical inspection certificates are updated on the DMCA platform.

For Pleasure Marine Crafts: Yachts and cruises also follow a two-stage process, with additional documentation required for those exceeding certain lengths or intending to carry more than 12 passengers. Safety and security installations by the Coast Guard are also prerequisites for the second stage.

For Commercial Marine Crafts: This category covers a broad spectrum of commercial operations, requiring additional documents such as the No Objection Certificate from the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) and GCC code certificates for non-wooden crafts exceeding 12 meters in length. The registration concludes similarly to pleasure crafts, emphasizing technical and insurance certification.

Licence Issuance and Renewal

Upon completion of the registration, an electronic copy of the boat licence is sent out, valid for one year with renewal options available through the DMCA portal or in-person at a Happiness Centre. Commercial and pleasure water sport crafts also receive a safe manning certificate, highlighting the authority’s commitment to maritime safety.

Understanding DMCA Service Fees

The DMCA mandates a nominal fee of AED 120 for marine craft licence registration, with varying charges for technical inspections and certificate issuances depending on the craft type. Fees can escalate to AED 2020 for inspections conducted outside Dubai, underlining the cost implications of the registration process.

Embrace Dubai’s Maritime Opportunities

Dubai’s registered marine crafts offer endless possibilities, from leisurely yacht cruises to adrenaline-pumping water sports. Whether you’re investing in a new vessel or a pre-loved craft, securing registration with the DMCA is your first step towards unlocking the full potential of Dubai’s vibrant maritime scene.